Development report – Autumn 2022

Posted by OpMon Team on September 30, 2022 · 1 min read

Summer’s over, back to work!

In the game

Not much, to be honest. More details in the next two categories. However, I’ve taken some time to think about some elements of the game and started to work on items.

In the future

Godot 4.0 is out in beta, and I’ll try to upgrade the current code when I’ll have some spare time. There’s especially some changes to GDScript I’m excited to use.

In the game itself, I’ll continue working on the items when the upgrade will be finished. Then, I’ll continue the roadmap for the next version.

In my life

My summer has been quite active, but now I’m back to my studies and, well… I have less time that ever. In parallel, I’ve been hired as a teacher, so even less time for me. I don’t have a lot of time for my personal projects. Since it’s the beginning of the period, I might be able to find a way to handle doing my studies, my work AND my personal projects. I hope so, we’ll see!

As always, thanks for following the development of OpMon.