April / May Monthly report

Posted by OpMon Team on May 04, 2022 · 2 mins read

April has been a pretty busy month for me. There is still some progress done during Mars and some in April, and I think the things to do for the next version will be done next month.

In the game

We’re moving forwards! The big news: the in-game menu and the team management screens are done. Now you can reorganise your team and change your first OpMon. However, the battle system still doesn’t take the team into account, except for the first OpMon that will be the one launch (so you can choose the OpMon you start the test battle with). That’s something that will be added this month.

The Euvi Town map has been completely revamped! Feel free to test it a bit. Talking of maps, thanks to @alkaloid99 the game now has a really great player’s house and room. @Kuromeruk also mirrored the map and created the rival’s house and room: Euvi Town is nearly on par with the C++ version. Thanks a lot to them.

To finish this part, @HasJamOn also participated to the game by doing some quality of life modifications: adding controller mapping, mapping WSAD to ui controls and increasing the character’s speed. This last change is not definitive, but it’s really useful while the game is developing. We’ll change it back when the running shoes are implemented.

In the future

The next thing I’ll do is working on modifying the battle system to add team support. There will also be @Kuromeruk that will be working on issue #33 to add animations for the moves. When these modifications are done, only issue #40 with the save load system will remain before releasing version Alpha 0.3!

In my life

So, as I said, I was quite busy last month but my studies are now finished! So I’ll have a lot more free time. I don’t think I’ll work on OpMon every day though, but I’ll have definitely the time to work at least around ten hours a week.

As always, thanks for following the development of OpMon!