Alpha 0.3 now released!

Posted by OpMon Team on May 27, 2022 · 2 mins read

This release adds a major feature: teams. The player now has a team they can manage in the team management screen (that can be found in the Game Menu, an in-game menu that can be accessed by pressing the Escape key, note that the assigned key is temporary). The only management feature available now is the reorganisation of the team.

With the addition of teams, the battles are now over only when a full team is defeated. You can also change OpMon in battle and choose another one when the previous one is K.O. Your opponent will also change OpMon when the previous one is defeated.

Two other important additions are:

  • Animated moves by @Kuromeruk, moves are now nicely animated when used.
  • Primitive save and load feature by @cyriellecentori, better described in the associated pull request #55.

Also thanks to @HasJamOn for useful quality of life features and improvements and to @alkaloid99 for adding two maps, the player’s house and room.

And as always, thank you for following the development of OpMon.


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